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Daniela Masellis is theatre designer and artist based in amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton, Alberta), on the Treaty 6 Traditional Lands of the First Nations and Metis people. Daniela is  of European settler descent, her father an Italian immigrant and her mother a second generation Canadian with Irish/English roots. Daniela’s training includes a B.F.A. of Theatre Design from the University of Alberta, a Grant MacEwan Diploma of Fine Arts, and a design apprenticeship in Italy at ‘Teatro alla Scala Milano’. She has designed in theatres large and small across Canada, collaborating on over 65 professional productions. Her credits include work with such companies as The Stratford Festival, The Citadel, Workshop West, Kill your Television, Mile Zero Dance, Shadow Theatre, Western Canadian Theatre, The Maggie Tree, L'Uniteatre, Akpik Theatre, and many others.  Daniela works mainly in the areas of set, props, lighting, and projection design for live performanceand is ever interested in expanding her discipline into the worlds of film, installation and interior design.


The projects she finds most fulfilling are those that break down barriers of accessibility and increase equity of participation for both artists and audiences. She is passionate about designing for new works finding them most creatively collaborative as they provide space and opportunity to experiment with melding narrative with design. Daniela approaches designing space through a 3d sculptural lens  utlizing lights, shape and symbolism striving to create dynamic, compelling environments for performers and audiences alike. 


Outside of her work- Daniela is interested in environmentalism, sustainability, politics, food, travel and urbanism. She is fascinated by the way design affects the way cities, people and communities gather and interact. 


           -  fluent in English, French and Italian. 

           - Computer programs: Vectorworks, Google Sketchup 3d  ,                         modelling, Qlab, Photoshop, Autocad

            - Experience in props building & scenic painting


Inspirations for Daniela's Design Practice:


The Liveness of Performance. Transformational Design. Efficiency. Breath. Layers. Theatre Magic. Representation. Reality, Artifice and Illusion. Perception. Metaphor. Expectations.

Consequence. Light, Movement, Patterns. Spectacle. the Sacred and the Profane. Humour.  

 Accessibility. Narrative. Absence/ presence. Negative / Space.

Trust in collaboration, Trust in the Audience.


 Curriculum Vitea


Set and Costume Design Apprenticeship Teatro alla Scala, Milan, 2008

BFA Theatre Design with Honours University of Alberta, 2007

Fine Art Diploma Grant MacEwan, 2004




Fun Home, Lighting, Dir: Dave Horak, Plain Jane Theatre Productions, 2019

Flight of Mind, Design collaborator and builder, Dir: Heathre Inglis Theatre Yes / Citadel Theatre, 2019

The New Canadian Curling Club, Lighting, Dir: Darcy Evans, Alberta Theatre Projects, 2019

Sweat ,  Lighting ,  Dir: Valerie Planche,  Vancouver Arts Club / Citadel Theatre 2018/19,

Kamloopa , Set and Lights, Dir: Kim Senklip Harvey. Western Canada Theatre / the Cultch, Persephone / NAC- 2018

The Unplugging , Set and Costume, Dir: Reneltta Arluk, Gwaandak Theatre, 2018 ~

 Yenene Yati/Women’s Words, Production Design, Dir: Micheline Chevrier,  NACC NWT/Akpik Theatre,  2018

 The Breathing Hole,  Set , Dir: Reneltta Arluk, Stratford Festival, 2017

 Baskerville ,    Set and Lights , Dir: John Kirkpatrick ,  Mayfield Dinner Theatre , 2017

 The Conversion , Production Design , Dir: Kevin Sutley ,   Kill your Televison, 2016

The Suppine Cobbler , Lights & Projection, Dir: Vanessa Sabourin , The Maggie Tree, 2016

 The Last Resort ,  Set , Dir: Kate Ryan ,  Mayfield Dinner Theatre, 2016

Tumit ,  Set, Lights & Projection ,  Dir:  Jessica Abdallah,   Akpik Theatre, 2015

Devour Content Here: A Show ,  Set & Lights , Dir:  Kristine Nutting , Cowgirl Opera, 2015

The Long Weekend , Production Design , Dir: Ron Ulrich ,  Mayfield Dinner Theatre, 2015

A Steady Rain , Production Design , Dir: Wayne Paquette , Blarney Productions, 2015

The Miraculous Mandarin,  Production Design,  Dir: John Ullyatt , Winspeare Symphony, 2015


The Mothers , Production Design , Dir: Glenda Stirling ,  Skirts-a-Fire, 2015

Full Frontal Diva , Set ,  Dir: Wayne Paquette , Blarney Productions, 2015

Don’t Dress for Dinner, Set & Lights , Dir: John Kirkpatrick , Mayfield Dinner Theatre, 2015

La Corneille , Production Design , Dir: Micheline Chevrier , L’Unitheatre, 2014

The Last Romance , Lights , Dir: Ron Ulrich ,  Mayfield Dinner Theatre, 2014

Body of Colour , Production Design , Dir: M. Milenkovic ,  New Music Edmonton, 2014

The Crackwalker , Production Design , Dir: Kevin Sutley   Kill Your Television, 2014

Deathtrap,  Set & Lights , Dir: J. Kirkpatrick ,  Mayfield Dinner Theatre, 2014

A Comedy of Errors , Set & Lights , Dir: Jeff Page ,  Red Deer College, 2013

The Adventures of the Dark Day Dancers , Set & Lights , Dir: Amber Borotsik, Nina Haggerty & Mile Zero ,  2013

Les Echos de Nos Patelins , Production Design , Dir: Brian Dooley  ,  L’Unitheatre, 2013

Strike the Musical , Ligthing ,  Dir: A. MacPhearson  , Workshop West presents, 2013

Double Double,  Lighting & Costumes, Dir: Michael Clark ,  Workshop West Theatre, 2013

Tumit,  Set & Lighting, DIr: Kate Weiss  ,  Akpik Theatre, 2013

Visual Splice , Production Design, Dir: Gerri Morrita , Mile Zero Dance, 2013 

The Velveteen Rabbit,  Set & Lighting, Dir: Amanda Bergen   Capitol Theatre, 2012

Peter Pan,  Ligthing, Dir: Thom Bradshaw , Red Deer College, 2012

Midsummer Night’s Dream, Set, Dir: Jeff Page,   Red Deer College, 2012

Sleeping Beauty,  Set & Costumes, Dir: Farren Timoteo   Alberta Opera, 2012

Exils,  Lighting, Dir: Bernard Salva ,  L’Unitheatre, 2012

Beowulf the King,  Set & Lighting, Dir: Michael Clark , Workshop West Theatre, 2012

The Thebans,  Set, Dir: Jen Spencer,  Grant MacEwan College, 2012

Once Upon an Atom Bomb, Set & Lighting , Eric Rose ,The Green Fools, 2012

The Wired Body, Set & Lighting curated by: Amy Fung   Mile Zero Dance- Salon, 2011 

The Velveteen Rabbit, Set & Lighting, Dir: Amanda Bergen,  The Capitol Theatre, 2011

Pinocchio , Set &Costumes , Dir: Farren Timoteo ,  Alberta Opera, 2011

Feunte Ovejuna,  Set & Lighting Dir: Jeff Page , Red Deer College, 2011

The Cave Painter, Set, Lighting & Projection, Dir: Kim McCaw , StageLab, CCTC & UofA, 2011

Jane Austen Action Figure,  Set & Lighting, DIr: Kate Weiss ,  StageLab, CCTC & UofA, 2011

Seasons, Set & Ligthing , DIr: Andrea Boyd,  StageLab, CCTC & UofA, 2011

Mill on the Floss, Set, Dir: Amy DeFelice, Citadel Young Company, 2011

Pippin, Set,  DIr: Farren Timoteo,   Citadel Young Company, 2011

An Almost Perfect Thing,  Set & Costume , DIr: Michael Clark   Workshop West, 2011

Hunchback , Design Associate to Des. B Gerecke ,  Catalyst/Citadel Theatre, 2011

Spiral Dive: The Trilogy,  Lighting, Dir: Ken Brown,    theatREpublic, 2011

Jack and the Beanstalk, Lighting, Dir: Farren Timoteo,  Alberta Opera, 2010 


Putnam County Spelling Bee,  Lighting, Dir: Doug Mertz, Citadel Young Company 2010

While We Were Young , Lighting, Dir: Andrea Boyd, Citadel Young Company 2010


As You Like It,  Design Assistant to April Viczko,  Citadel Theatre, 2010

The Arsonists,  Set & Lighting , Dir: Michael Peng,  Kings College, 2010

The Science of Disconnection, Lighting, Dir: John Hudson Shadow Theatre, 2010

The Dazzle Set, Ligthing Dir: Wayne Paquette, Shadow Theatre, 2010

Athabasca’s Going Unmanned,  Set & Lighting , Ian Leung U of A & CCTC, 2010 

Nevermore, Associate Designer to Des: B. Gerecke,  Catalyst Theatre, 2009-2015


Hansel and Gretel, Lighting, Dir: Farren Timoteo, Alberta Opera, 2009

The Seed Savers, Costume, Dir: Michael Clark ,  Workshop West, 2009

Everyone Goes to Mitzi’s, Set & Lighting, Dir: Farren Timoteo ,Teatro LaQuindicina, 2009

Half A League, Set, Dir: L Casemore, Defiance Theatre, 2009

A Life in the Day, Production Design, DIr: Vanessa Sabourin ,The Maggie Tree, 2009

Nevermore, Design Associate Des: B. Gerecke Catalyst Theatre, 2009

The Fabulous Buddah Boi, Production Design, Dir: M. Kennedy Edmonton Fringe, 2008

Cuckoos,  Production Design, Dir: Beau Coleman,   Edmonton Fringe, 2007

Something Red, Production Design, Kate Weiss Edmonton Fringe, 2007

Ubu Roi, Lighting, Dir: M. Kennedy Mischief and Mayhem, 2007

The League of Nathans,  Set & Lighting, Dir: R. Moffat U of A Media Room, 2007

GayFace, Production Design, Dir: M. Kennedy,  NextFest, Fringe, 2006

On the Open Road, Lighting, Dir: S. Dzeparoski, U of A Media Room, 2006






FTS Camp Design Instructor Citadel Theatre-Robbins Academy; Foote Theatre School- Summer 2009, 2010, 2011


Teaching Assistant/Marker. Native Studies 260- Contemporary Native Art (Lecture Course) Native Studies 280 Shamanic Art (Studio Course). Professor Jane Ash Poitras- University of Alberta. 2002- 2005.